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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

To achieve the highest standards in the construction industry by providing our clients a quality, superior product with the assistance of a committed staff dedicated to honesty, professionalism and satisfaction in a job well done. Our philosophy of integrity, quality and relationships has allowed JRJ Construction to establish a strong portfolio of projects and to develop long term relationships with each client, subcontractor and supplier.


The definition of Integrity is steadfast adherence to ethical principles, actions, values, methods, measures, expectations and outcome. Each of our core values are grounded in a foundation of integrity that goes beyond merely the construction of a building.  We are committed to integrity in every phase of the process, from the bid through the final walk through.  We strive for integrity in every aspect of the project, because with this as our foundation the other core values will thrive.


Throughout the past century, members of the Joe R. Jones family have devoted themselves to the construction industry with a long history of proud craftsmanship and construction skills. We are committed to deliver an exceptional product with strict adherence to cost and time constraints.  JRJ Construction, Inc. understands the importance of utilizing advanced technologies and methods combined with a hard-working, knowledgeable staff to provide our clients with the highest quality project.  But even with the best technologies and tools, the highest quality can definitely not be achieved without an incredible team. The combination of a committed and involved ownership and a detailed support and technical staff, with over 100 years of experience, brings quality to another level.  It is our team and their commitment to quality that sets JRJ Construction, Inc. apart from others in the industry. This dedication to quality construction and timely completion of projects has resulted in long-lasting relationships between JRJ Construction and our clients.


Without a commitment to building, developing and growing relationships, success is not attainable.  As each project unfolds, our entire staff works hard to see that everyone is treated as if they were part of the JRJ Construction family. Customer service and professional attitude is imperative and is encouraged to take place in every aspect of the daily process during a project, and to continue long after it has been completed.  We know that a quality building is not the only deciding factor in earning repeat business.  The relationships we build through honesty, integrity, customer service and sacrifice is what builds the bridge to continued success.  We strive to build long term relationships in every area of our operation, both internally with our employees and externally with our subcontractors and clients.